Representative (representative of the injured in criminal proceedings)
The injured party has the right to be represented during criminal proceedings by a representative who they have chosen and awarded with the power of attorney.
A representative can be any person who has complete legal competence; it can be both a lawyer as well as a non-professional, who does not have detailed education in the field of law. A representative can therefore also be a family member, neighbour, friend or other person whom the injured party trusts.
Representative cannot be, however, a person who has the role of a witness, expert or interpreter in the given criminal case.
Representative is entitled to file motions on behalf of the injured party, at the police as well as at court; they can file applications or remedial measures, they can attend all procedural acts which the injured party can attend themselves. Apart from this they provide moral, psychological or legal aid and support to the injured party. The representative cannot, however, on principle testify at court instead of the injured party.