Solicitor of the perpetrator of criminal offence
The perpetrator of a criminal offence has the right to be represented during the criminal proceedings by a solicitor, i.e. professional lawyer. They defend the accused person during criminal proceedings and ensure that the perpetrator makes use of all their rights under the code of criminal procedure. Solicitor can ask all witnesses questions, request that further witnesses are heard, they can submit documentary or other evidence, e.g. real evidence. Solicitor is obligated to make all actions for the benefit of their client.

The perpetrator can choose their solicitor as per their free decision and at their own cost. In case of more serious crimes the perpetrator must have a solicitor at all times. If they fail to choose a solicitor in such case, the solicitor will be determined for them by court, this is referred to as compulsory defence or an ex offo solicitor, the costs being covered by the state.

During the judicial proceedings the defendant’s solicitor wears a dark gown with a navy jabot and always sits on the left off the judge along with the defendant.