Public prosecutor
A lawyer who was appointed to serve as a public prosecutor by the Minister of Justice.
Public prosecutor has a number of roles within the stages of criminal proceedings, he supervises preliminary criminal proceedings, brings charges against the perpetrator of criminal offences and represents the prosecution at court in particular.
Public prosecutor has an important role in the first stage of criminal proceedings which includes preliminary proceedings, where the police gathers complete evidence related to guilt of the specific perpetrator. At this stage the public prosecutor supervises the police and ensures its actions are in compliance with the law and that the police perform all stages that will lead to a clarification of the criminal offence the perpetrator committed.
Public prosecutor attends the trial, he reads out the charges against the specific perpetrator and he leads the prosecution during the judicial proceedings in such way that it is possible to prove the perpetrator’s guilt. At the end of the judicial proceedings the public prosecutor has room for a closing argument in which they will summarize all substantial circumstance which was ascertained, and proposes the type of punishment and length of term of imprisonment for the perpetrator.
After judgement has been announced for a particular perpetrator, the public prosecutor can appeal against it to superior court in case they disagree with it. During the judicial proceedings the public prosecutor sits at judge’s or bench’s right and wear a dark gown with a wine-coloured shawl collar.