Vulnerable victims of crime

New Act N.45 / 2013 Coll., on victims of criminal offences introduces protective measures for particularly vulnerable victims of criminal offences, whom it defines as follows:

Vulnerable victim is understood to be:
a) a child,
b) a person with a physical, mental or psychological handicap or sensory impairment, which in connection to various impediments can prevent this person from finding a full and meaningful function within the society,
c) a victim of a human trafficking crime (Section 168 of the Criminal Code),
d) a victim of a crime against human dignity in sexual field or of a criminal offence that included violence or threat of violence if there is an increased danger of secondary victimisation in such specific case, particularly with regard to their age, sex, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religious faith, medical condition, mental maturity, their ability to express themselves, situation in life which they find themselves in; or with regard to a relationship toward a person suspected to have committed a criminal act or their dependence on such person.