Anybody can become a victim of crime!

To be a victim of crime is a negative event that can happen to anyone during their lifetime. A crime can have physical, psychological, economic and social consequences. In addition, it is normal that participating in criminal proceedings raises questions in your mind and makes you feel anxious and apprehensive.

If you were a victim of crime or if you know someone who was, this website can help you.
Here you will find information on the criminal proceedings, your rights and the public services that can support you.

Some of the information contained on this website have been simplified to make them understandable to the general public.
Nevertheless, we have made every effort to make this simplification had no impact on the accuracy of the information contained herein.

The content for this website was created by Bílý kruh bezpečí in the context of the INFOVICTMS project, co-financed by the Criminal Justice Support Programme of the European Commission – Directorate-General for Justice.
We believe that at this website you will find information that will be helpful for you.